Need to do a quick wash? Not a problem...

Here at Millendreath Beach Resort we know that muddy trousers and sandy socks means you're having a good time! But it also means you could run out of clothes pretty quickly too...

Well don't fret, as we know what its's like when the kids run into the sea fully clothed and come out looking like a sand monster. We have a small on site launderette with washing machines and a tumble dryer for those emergency washes. Each apartment is equipped with a clothes horse too so you can dry your freshly washed clothes in the fresh air on your decking.


We charge a small fee at Guest Services for use of the launderette, where we also sell washing powder and fabric conditioner.  Just inquire at the Guest Services desk.


Beach Resort

Guest Services Office, Millendreath, Looe

PL13 1PE 

Telephone: 01503 264390  


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