Compostable Take Out Cups

Compostable Take Away Cups... Why are they important? How do they benefit the environment? Are they really the answer?

Well of course, if our customers are drinking tea or coffee in our Bistro or out on our decking, we still use ceramic cups and saucers, as reusable cups are much better by far. We encourage our locals and guests to bring a reusable travel mug for their take out coffees, and this works really well. But what if you forgot yours this week? Can you still enjoy a coffee guilt free?

Here at Millendreath Beach Resort we use a mix of #edenware and #vegware compostable take out packaging, including their great double walled cups. Even the lids can be composted! Compostable packaging is designed to break down within 12 weeks in proper composting conditions, which we do by either having collections of the cups we have left on site or in the future (this spring) we are hoping to get our own composting bins on site large enough to compost all of the packaging we have left behind. This is dealt with by using separate bins both back of house and outside the Bistro, so we can collect the compostable containers with ease and compost them ourselves or send them off.

But what happens if they are just discarded in the normal trash? Well obviously that's not perfect, but... if they are just put into the normal rubbish bins, it’s infinitely better for the environment than plastic lined cups. Less carbon is used in the production of the product, no methane gas is released when it goes to landfill, and almost no toxic gases are given off if it’s incinerated. Renewable materials for single use items also make much more sense than using the worlds resources for something that can only be used once!

So at Millendreath and the Bistro on the Beach, we say plant based over plastic is much more environmentally friendly altogether. Compostable packaging is not the end to all of our refuse problems by any means, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. The more people use these compostable cups and packaging, the more facilities we will gain country wide to dispose of them, and together we can reduce not only plastic production and waste, but also our carbon production!

Together we can make a huge difference, love our planet because we only get one!

Grab yourself a latte at the Bistro on the Beach at Millendreath Beach in one of our Edenware fully compostable cups!
Latte at Millendreath Beach

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