Help us to fight plastic in our oceans!

Sustainability and the environment is at the heart of everything we do here at Millendreath. Being a beach resort, we often see the problem with plastic in the ocean first hand. People very often think that the litter found on beaches is left behind at that time, but in fact it is mostly washed up from the sea, sometimes from decades ago. An empty beach on a winters day will be covered in plastic waste after a storm, because it has come from our oceans. We want to encourage everyone to stop this problem for future generations and to protect our planet, and these are just a few examples of how we are doing our bit...

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Coming for a takeout coffee? Why not bring a reusable cup with you? We sell travel mugs in our Guest Services shop with a free coffee in our Bistro when you buy one! But don't worry if you don't have one with you, as our takeaway cups are fully recyclable or compostable, so you can enjoy a guilt free flat white on the way home!

All of our takeaway packaging is either fully recyclable or compostable, including card boxes, wooden cutlery, paper straws and paper bags.

We are proud to be part of The Final Straw Cornwall, a movement designed to "create a comprehensive community of restaurants, cafes, pubs, hospitality venues and businesses that have agreed to and have gone straw free."

We have been struggling for months to get recycling facilities down at Millendreath. Companies have either said the access is too narrow for collection, or we aren't covered by their area. But, we have finally sourced a company that was happy to help. We now have recycling bins for plastic and metal, as well as glass. You'll find regular size bins on the beach front and around the resort, and huge bins at our bin store in the middle car park for plastic and metal, and a skip for glass here too :) We could not be happier to be recycling, and soon we will have individual recycling boxes in each of our holiday apartments too to make recycling easy for our guests!

Our maintenance team do a fantastic job at cleaning the beach, doing it most mornings before anyone is around. All of the staff here at the resort play their part in collecting litter off the beach. However, plastic and waste is a recurrent problem that needs more than our Millendreath crew. We have a few big beach cleans each year, some arranged by local conservation groups, and this is a huge success! Beach cleans are imperative to the health of our marine life and the beauty of our beaches. We try to encourage people to pick up just 4 pieces of rubbish on each visit to the beach and dispose of them properly. Doesn't seem like much, but this can make a HUGE difference if everyone joins in.

We are also proud to be part of Tidal Revival, a brilliant scheme created to "clean each tide line on every dropping tide around the world each day. REWARDING AND MOTIVATING - Whilst there is still plastic litter in our oceans the Tidal Revival reward scheme should become as widely used as a credit card or cash in our coastal communities." You can collect points as you help to clear beaches, which you can then spend in local businesses! Take a look at their page, the work they plan to do will be great and will make a massive difference! And who doesn't want to get rewarded for helping our planet?

By making small changes, for example changing our throw away card welcome boxes in our holiday apartments to reusable wooden ones, we hope to help the fight our environment desperately needs! So help us to fight this war on plastic and waste in our oceans, and to make the environment a generally healthier place!

Recycling at Millendreath Beach Resort

Sustainable takeaway packaging

Find our Bra Bank in our Bistro on the Beach

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