Millendreath's Camera Club

Are you a keen photographer but need a bit of help refining your skills? Do you love the idea of photography but not sure how to get started? Have you been using a camera for years but want to branch into other types of photography? Or just have some great tips you’d like to share with others?

Join us for our Camera Club at the Beach Bar at Millendreath. A group designed for everyone from total beginner to professional, to get together to learn tips and skills, and share photography you may have taken already. With the beautiful backdrop of Millendreath beach, it’s the perfect place to practice!

Chris, our multi-talented Beach Bar manager, will be giving out his expertise to help anyone wanting to learn photography. He will be covering mobile phones, dedicated cameras and even instant photos.

Join us from 15th March at 3pm and every other Sunday there after at the Beach Bar at Millendreath.

For more info: 01503 263404

Camera Club at Millendreath

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