South West Coastal Path

10 days ago I started on yet another fitness regime, which as soon as I started it, wasn't sure how long it was going to last. This was until I took my "before" photos, and honestly I don't think I'll look back! But this made me think, why do I always fail? Why do I always give up? And don't get me wrong, this isn't all about losing weight, I'm no fitness guru, it's just about getting fitter. Not running out of breath half way up the villa steps would be great to begin with!

So, yesterday I decided to run the South West Coastal Path from us here at Millendreath Beach to Seaton.... Let me tell you, it is not for the faint hearted, but it is beautiful and it was a workout! More of a walk, then a jog, then a run, then a walk, than an actual run, but I'll call this HIIT training and be done with it.

The views of Millendreath Beach and Looe Bay from the top are stunning, and the whole path boasts views across to Looe, Hannafore and even Rame Head! It is gorgeous. And this kept me going. Even though I wasn't running the whole way, the path is up and down and the view motivated me to keep pushing on, and I actually really enjoyed it!

With the Bistro on the Beach serving beautiful, healthy breakfasts and meals throughout the day, the fresh air, the 65 acres of woods, the beach and the coastal paths, I've realised (late, but better late than never) there is no reason for me not to get my fitness levels up again.

If you too are like me, wanting to change your lifestyle and get out more, wanting to increase your fitness and health, then I recommend Millendreath Beach as a great place to start. Whether you're staying with us in a villa for a week or popping down after work, there are so many places to jog, walk, cycle, swim if you're brave enough, and the view and surroundings make it the perfect place to motivate you.

Just remember, summer is only round the corner, but then so are the muffins at the Bistro on the Beach....

(photo taken from the SWCP whilst on my "run")

A beautiful photo capturing the storm coming across the bay from Looe, over Millendreath Beach towards Seaton. South West Coastal Path walk.
Panoramic view from the walk from Millendreath to Seaton

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