The importance of supporting local...

Here at Millendreath Beach Resort, we believe that supporting local businesses is the way forward. From our herbs to our fish, our veg to our eggs, our lager to our wine, we will always try to get locally produced or farmed goods where we can. But why is this so important to us?

When you support local, you are helping to keep the local economy alive. Small businesses give the community it's uniqueness, they might produce something no one else does or that is exclusive to the area, and when you tap into this, it helps the local community thrive. If you can support a group of local businesses, even better!

You always know where your produce has come from when you support local. Here at Millendreath, we use our local fishmongers and some of their produce comes right from Looe Bay itself! Caught in the early hours of the morning and delivered fresh before service starts, it's a fantastic sea to plate experience! (see the image for our chefs Looe John Dory dish)

Our wines come from a great little Cornish wine merchant called Castang. Not only do we get superb service but also a brilliant product that we feel is unrivaled. We sell Cornish Orchards cider and juices, only produced 4 miles from us, and also St Austell Brewery's offerings of Korev (lager) and Tribute (ale) which all go down a storm in not only our Bistro on the Beach, but also our Beach Bar too.

So why would we encourage you to support local? No matter where you are or what your business is, there will always be things you can't get within your local community, but if you shop with your small nearby businesses, you'll be helping to:

~ Boost the local community, with at least half of money spent in the local area staying within the local area.

~ Create local jobs. So many small businesses don't have the demand to enable them to have more staff, but by using their services or buying their products, you could create a higher demand and in turn create more jobs for local people.

~ Keep originality. Lots of little businesses are very individual or go against the grain. Chains often copy others and everything begins to look or taste the same.

~ Stick to tradition, as many small businesses use traditional methods of creation and production.

Not to mention all the other benefits that supporting local comes with! The list goes on and on, and just 5 extra people buying locally can make a huge difference to the local economy!

Our chefs creation with Looe John Dory, parsley oil and charred butternut squash
Looe John Dory

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