Where are our local defibrillators?

I have to say, a defibrillator is not something I'd have given a thought to 5 years ago. If someone asked me where the nearest one was, I wouldn't have known. But after raising money for one in my local village a couple of years ago, and it being used within the first month, I now fully understand the importance of these amazing machines. Defibrillators really can save a life, and they are so easy to use these days! So here is a list of all the defibrillators local to us here at Millendreath, there are plenty in and around Looe, and hopefully one day soon we will have one at Millendreath Beach too.

Map of all the Defibrillators in and around Looe, helpful for anyone in the area.
Defibrillator Map or Looe

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